Fermentation Testing

Fermentation testing according to VDI Directive 4630 (double or triple determination)


An automated biogas batch fermentation system has been developed at Offenburg University which provides for the accurate analysis of gas yields from individual substrates based on VDI directive 4630. The gas yield and gas composition out of reactors during the batch operation can be measured as well.

This unique fermentation system, along with the Biomass Working Group’s years of experience, allows for elaborate, highly accurate testing reports.


Our high-quality analyses are based on:

  • accurate measurement of the volume and contents of the biogas through a direct measurement method
  • realistic gas formation by using uncrushed substrates in big, 2-liter reactors
  • identification of inhibited gas-evolution behavior by high resolution in areas with high gas-formation rates
  • confirmation of measurement results by parallel reference measurements
  • reliable assessment of the results through comparisons with numerous other analysis results