Advising on problematic biogas substrates

Comparatively high concentrations of easily fermentable ingredients can be contained in waste substances or effluents, e.g. from the food industry. The exclusive feeding of these industrial residues may result in gas acidification and reduction, and even in the biological standstill of the biogas plant.

Furthermore, some biogas substrates, called inhibitors, may contain substances which adversely affect biological activities and can equally lead to reduced gas yields or delays in the fermentation process.

In both cases, admixing inorganic additives in low concentrations can help solve issues.

We therefore offer the following laboratory services:

  • Problem-oriented investigation of biogas substrates in batch operation (without admixture of inorganic additives)Orientierende Untersuchung Ihres Biogassubstrats im Batchversuch
    (ohne Zusatz von anorganischen Zuschlagstoffen)

  • Impact of different inorganic additives on the fermentation process (fermentation speed and yield) in batch operationWirkung verschiedener anorganischer Zuschlagstoffe auf den Gärverlauf
    (Gärgeschwindigkeit und Gärausbeute) im Batchversuch

  • Evaluation and advising based on the test resultAuswertung und Beratung auf Basis der Versuchsergebnisse