Description of the procedure

For the measurement, the biomass (substrate) and inoculum are weighed into the 2-liter fermenting vessels. Prior to the start of the automated analysis operation, the residual oxygen is displaced from the fermenting vessels with nitrogen to create an anaerobic environment. During the entire measuring period, the fermentation vessels can be tempered (mesophilically as well as thermophilically) by a water bath. An anchor stirrer ensures a gentle mixing of the reactor content. The rising biogas displaces the sealing liquid and accumulates in the eudiometer tube. As soon as a defined quantity of biogas has collected in one of the eudiometer tubes, this is automatically fed to the gas analyzer for determining the gas quality.

The gas fraction of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) is measured in the gas analyzer. Using the specially developed operating software, the current biogas curves of all measuring stations are displayed on a graphical surface.